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Are you being paid enough?

I'm just back from a week of annual leave, where I was thrill seeking in a world of adventures, saving a pixel-princess on my Nintendo switch. Possibly more interestingly, I was reading a book abut the psychology of money.

Mind over money cover by Claudia Hammond. The Psychology of money and how to use it better

In 'Mind Over Money', Claudia talks a lot about how uncomfortable money can make us feel and how many of us spend our childhoods avoiding conversations about money with our parents.

There is standard advice to not discuss salaries with your peers, but Harris Hill carry out an annual salary survey that is really worth paying attention to.

The 2023 salary survey came out a couple of weeks ago and details what the average salary is for a range of charity roles. From Corporate Partnerships Assistant to Head of Trust and Statutory Fundraising, there are details for small and large charities.

It’s always worth making sure you're being paid what you’re worth. If the topic of money or salaries tend to make you uncomfortable... OR you enjoy learning about these kinds of things... I'd encourage you to continue learning about money psychology at Evolve.

Evolve, a truly transformative fundraising conference, will be looking at where money comes from, why transformative fundraising is important and how to have have difficult conversations, such as those about money, with your donors. I really recommend getting your tickets here before the early bird offer ends!

As always, if you have any questions, give me a shout.

I hope the Harris Hill salary survey gives you a pleasant surprise about your pay!

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