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Fireside is one!

Today marks one year of Fireside Fundraising. What a year it's been! As I write this, I'm taking a moment to think of the incredible things the sector has achieved in the last year. Some of which we've been part of. Some of which we've led. And some of which we've just bloody loved watching.

It can often feel like the world is on fire, but wherever you look, there are people with buckets of water.

Because we feel like our job is to solve world hunger, cure cancer, end homelessness, we often don't stop to celebrate the little fires we do put out because there are still people hungry, still people sick, still people who need shelter. I'd like you to take this moment. Stop. Think about the incredible work you've done in the last year. Then buy yourself some cake.

I know the people reading this have:

  • Simplified their language, goals and focus.

  • Taken risks, failed, then tried again.

  • Decided that 'good enough' isn't good enough.

  • Met challenges head on, and succeeded.

  • Built partnerships previously thought impossible.

...And much, much more. At Fireside alone, we've helped 17 charities, raised seven-figure sums and run a conference focussed on evolving fundraising approaches. We know we couldn't have done it alone.

We know things are tough right now. But we're proud of everyone doing their best to make each day a little easier. Thank you for all the support over the last year. I hope you know you deserve a little moment of breathe - a little moment of cake. To our shared joys in the next year round the fire!

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