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What percentage of cold approaches lead to a meeting?

Meeting of people

If you had to guess what percentage of cold approaches (whether that’s calls, LinkedIn messages or emails) lead to a meeting, what would you guess?

Only 1.8% of cold approaches lead to a meeting, let alone a partnership!

When you compare this to UpLead research that says a warm introduction leads to a meeting 30% of the time, the fundamental question becomes: How do I get introductions?

But if I ask you who you know that you could introduce me to, your mind likely goes blank. It’s like when you’re at a pub quiz and someone asks you to name all seven of the dwarves – you might be able to think of a couple of the obvious names but after that? A complete tumbleweed situation. The question ‘who do you know?’ is just too big. It forces our minds to zoom out so far that we lose all the answers. So, we need to start with smaller questions, like:

  • Where do your clients or service users know?

  • Who are your major suppliers?

  • Where do your past colleagues, school friends and other acquaintances work now?

  • Where do your partner, friends and family work and know?

  • Who are the major customers of the companies you’ve just listed above?

The people you’re looking to identify don’t need to be your best friend. They just need to know your name well enough that when they see your name in their inbox, they’ll open your email.

When the average office worker receives 121 emails a day, getting an opened email is half the battle.

Working out who the right audience is for your fundraising approaches is one of my favourite things. If you’re struggling to shape your charity’s story, or work out who to tell it to – let me know and we can set up a chat to work it through together!

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