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Fixing with Fireside

What are the issues in fundraising? 

How do we attract more people into fundraising?

 How do we keep fundraisers in the sector?

Fixing with Fireside explores all of these topics and more with a range of special guests in the field. Check out the episodes below! 

You need to hear what Martha Awojobi has to say.

It's very rare that we're rendered speechless but this episode was all about listening.

Martha is a fundraising consultant, head of fundraising and organiser at Charity So White, the movement that shines a much needed spotlight on the diversity crisis at the heart of the third sector.

Vu Lee and Michelle Muri on Community Centric Fundraising

Episode Description

Hiran Adhia breaks down the power of brands and social enterprise

Hiran (who once wore a full 3-piece suit on the summit of Kilimanjaro) breaks down the power of brands and what charities can be doing differently with theirs.

Ruby Bayley-Pratt on Sexism

When Ruby Bayley-Pratt wrote that article she didn't know quite what it would have unleashed. Almost 2 years later we caught up with Ruby to discuss the outcomes, next steps and practical support for the #MeToo movement in our sector.

Dana and Steph want to re-invent fundraising for the arts

We're joined by Dana Segal and Steph Graham - both directors at Adapt for Arts and passionate arts fundraisers. We picked a part the funding model for the arts and how the institutional structures to the arts represent the biggest threat to their funding.

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