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Purple Sparkler

Ready to ignite your
fundraising potential?

Where companies have the opportunity to sell you something – a chocolate bar, a glass of wine, a holiday – charities rely on donors buying into our stories.

The wrong message turns people off your cause. The right story get supporters climbing over the table to solve your problems.

However, these stories can be hard to find. And it can be hard to know who to tell these stories to.

That’s where Fireside Fundraising come in. We work with you to shape your most important stories - then tell them to people with the power to change the ending. 


Our approach to ethical storytelling, efficient fundraising and value-led relationship building has been adopted by St John Ambulance, UNESCO, and many others.

We are currently booking work from June 2024. To explore how we can help you, email

"When we started with Fireside Fundraising, we had ideas for our fundraising - but no coherent tools or plan. Less than three months later, we have exactly what we need. We have a concise, emotional and compelling way of putting across our cause. We have a menu of fundraising activities and an idea of how much our cause and brand is worth. We have a strong prospect list we are confident will say yes. In short, we're excited to see what this year holds for our fundraising."
"Andy's storytelling methods truly makes companies sit up and listen. In the year after working with him in my previous role, we landed partnerships with Blue Diamond, Deloitte and even Ocado! If you're thinking about taking your corporate partnerships to the next level, you need to speak to him."

"As a small social enterprise which is not yet well known we weren't completely sure that corporate partnerships would work for us. Fireside took us through a simple process, helping us to identify ideal prospects and giving us confidence to take immediate action. 3 weeks later we've just had a response from our top prospect!"

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