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From supporting UNESCO to build a £3,000,000+ pipeline to helping a small social enterprise secure their first ever £100,000+ gift, our results speak for themselves.

Here’s what our clients say about us:


We supported UNESCO to build a £3,000,000+ pipeline. We worked out who they knew, how they could get to the decision maker, and how to pack an emotional punch. They said:

"When we started with Fireside Fundraising, we had a number of ideas for our fundraising - but no coherent tools or plan… Now we have a concise, emotional and compelling way of putting across our cause. We have a menu of partnership activities and an idea of how much our partnerships are worth. We have a strong prospect list we are confident will say yes. In short, we're excited to see what this year holds for our fundraising."

Ian Denison

Chief of Publishing and Branding, UNESCO

We worked with St John Ambulance over the course of a year, building confidence in their team and their value. Within three months, they secured a £300,000 partnership – and there are over £2,000,000 worth of proposals live now. They said:

“Andy's workshops have given me such clear insight into how to connect with potential supporters, as well as the tools to create and share impactful, efficient and genuinely emotionally stories. I honestly think I'll be using the skills I've learned for the rest of my fundraising career.”

Vicky Crompton

Proposals Manager at St John Ambulance


We coached Jessica Stickland in her previous role for six months. We identified the ways of making her academic charity more emotionally appealing – and the results were incredible. They said:

"Andy's storytelling methods truly makes companies sit up and listen. In the year after working with him in my previous role, we landed partnerships with Blue Diamond, Deloitte and even Ocado! If you're thinking about taking your corporate partnerships to the next level, you need to speak to him."

Jess Stickland

Director of Development, WasteAid

"Andy really brought our stories to life. We went from pitching art therapy to pitching human connection. As a result, we were able to grow an existing partnership with the National Lottery Community and we have more students in our iron casting classes than ever before!"

Lucy Mitchell

Co-Founder, MolTAN Makers


We’ve also worked with:

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