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Some dates for your diary!

I've gotta be honest with you. The original plan for this blog was to be three things fundraisers can learn from Taylor Swift, but I got too excited... so I've had to give myself another two weeks to narrow the ideas down. This newsletter will come to you on the 12 of June, the day before I see Taylor live in Liverpool! 

As I pull that together, if you have any ideas of what fundraisers can learn from Taylor Swift, or you’re seeing the Eras Tour whilst it’s in the UK, I’d love to hear from you! 

Anyway, in the constant countdown of looking at my diary, I wanted to share 3 other free events* I’m looking forward too. *Taylor was not free. Taylor was disgustingly expensive. I regret nothing.

These events in calendar order are:

As part of National Picnic Day, the team at Fundraising Everywhere are hosting picnics all across the UK, and Fireside Fundraising, Charity People and the RSPCA are putting on the South London Picnic. We’ll be in Tanner Street Park in London Bridge from 12 until at least 1pm - you’ll be able to spot us in the Fundraising Everywhere branded blanket and t-shirt. You can bring your own sandwiches or you can have some of ours, but the main thing we’ll want to know is if it’s a bap, roll or something else entirely. Book your spot here.


2. July 2nd - ‘How to Become a LinkedIn Legend’.

The second event is currently the seed of an idea, with more details to come, but on July 2nd, Tereza Lista and I will be running a webinar on How to Become a LinkedIn Legend’. This will be a lunchtime session and the exact details are to be ironed out, but keep an eye on your inbox and we’ll send a link to book your free tickets soon. 


And finally, and possibly most importantly, Evolve is coming back open the 19th of September. Michelle Shireen Muri and I are really excited to bring you a free part of the Evolve conversation ahead of the Evolve London conference in October, and this session will be two hours of conversation about how we evolve our fundraising practice. We’ll be talking about what’s wrong with traditional fundraising, how to have difficult conversations and what individuals in the charity sector can do to improve. We’ll also be playing a game of crappy fundraising ‘Would You Rather’, which you can see more about in the description. But, you can register for your free ticket by clicking here.

I’d love to know if you’re able to join us for any or all the events we have coming up that you think we should be keeping an eye out for. 

If not, we’ll see you and all the other Swifties in the fundraising world in a fortnight. 

See you by the Fireside,


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