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What are you hungry for?

Happy New Year! I hope the return to work has been decent for you.

I have to admit, I struggled to get out of the cosiness of my bed on my first day back. Even though I absolutely love my job, I know I have an intense few months ahead, and the warmth of my bed was just so enticing!

So, if you're struggling to get back into the swing of things, even if you are excited, I want you to know you're not alone.

I'd love to know what your New Year's resolution is?

One of mine is to read more books, and so I started with Katherine Rundell's 'Why You Should Read Children's Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise'.

front cover of Katherine Rundell's bnook 'Why you should read children's books, even though you are so old and wise'.

Not only is this book less than 100 pages, so I was able to tick off book number one on the 1st of January, but it gave me the manifesto I needed to read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. It's the 10th of January and we're three books down... Success!

In Katherine's book, she argues that the heart of every fairytale is hunger. Whether that be hunger for love, hunger for power, or hunger for something else, and this really got me thinking about fundraising and the world that charities operate in. 

Fundamentally, charity stories are based on hunger too...

Age UK might be hungry for connection.

Agenda Alliance are hungry for gender-based justice.

Greenpeace are hungry for climate work and rebellion.

It made me wonder...what are you hungry for?

Those of you who came to Evolve 2023 already know that one of the things I'm hungry for is a better fundraising sector. One that is better for us fundraisers, but also does better by the people we're meant to serve. 

As such, I'm delighted to announce that Evolve will be returning in 2024, on the 16th of October, 2024.

But the first question that Michelle and I want to ask as we plan this is: what are you hungry for?

We'd love to know who you think should be speaking at the conference or what topics should be covered. The theme is Transforming Fundraising; making it a better sector to be and work in. 

Please click this link and let us know your thoughts by the end of January. 

Whether it's your New Year's resolutions, a book that you like or your thoughts on Evolve, I'd love to hear from you. 

See you by the fireside, 


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